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How Are Buildings Ventilated


Ventilation is the process of bringing in Fresh Air from outside and removing indoor air, which may contain pollutants includes virus and particles. The method of ventilation will depend on the building. Naturally ventilated buildings provide ventilation air flow with out using any fans and relay on openings. A low level "trickle ventilation" through small openings and trickle vents in windows and sometimes small vents located around the property air bricks and grills etc. These ensure air flow is present and consistent throughout the property, it is important to make sure trickle vents are open and unobstructed. 


These trickle vents are at a very low level and can not be increased or adjusted. They also cause drafts and reduce the energy rating of a property which would devalue the property and increase energy bills as well as making the property a less warm and comfortable place to live. 


Adequate and consistent ventilation in the home is widely recognised as very important to keep both people and the home healthy. Many people will find they have to balance ventilation with thermal comfort with adequate ventilation. Especially in the winter months. This is the issue Damp Fix will get sorted.


What happens is the ventilation has not got a adequate flow rate or is inconsistent ? The result is the building can not cope with the everyday activities within the property which include 

Drying cloths, bathing / showering, persons breathing, cooking etc these all put "condensation" into the atmosphere of the property. What happens is this old air starts to breed bacteria. To add to this if any persons in the property has a cough or cold this also floats around the atmosphere of the property. This pollutes the air with virus particles Covid for example and bacteria this then pollutes the air and causes black mould. This can be really bad for peoples health by breathing in the polluted air, obviously these issues are compounded if any of the residents has any respiratory conditions. 


How can a Fresh Air Unit help ?


Mechanically Ventilated Buildings provide ventilation using a Fresh Air Unit to force air into and out of the property this provides  "Mechanically Assisted Consistent Air Flow". 

It works by forcing the old polluted air out of the property and pulling in fresh clean air from out side, which is also warmed up which maintains the air temperature of the property. This allows the residents to put the heating on and go about their business in a warm and comfortable home in the knowledge the air they are breathing is fresh and not polluted. They are fitted in one day and start working straight away.

These are a few examples

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Black Mould on window frame
Black Mould on wall
Machanical Ventilation
Condensation Unit
Condensation Fixed
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